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Rebstock Instruments GmbH

Rebstock Instruments GmbH was founded in 1995 and is manufacturer and system supplier of surgical instruments and implants with focus on neuro- spine and cardiovascular surgery as well as on orthopedics. Furthermore, we are offering a wide range of general surgical instruments.

surgical instruments

neuro surgical instruments cardio instruments spine instruments orthopedic instruments surgical instruments Tuttlingen micro instruments RHOTON instruments spine laminectomy titanium


large fragment implants small fragment implants mini fragment implants titanium implants orthopedic implants spine implants


micro scissors vessel scissors


Raney clips aneurysm clips vessel clips titanium ligature clips hemostatic clips


atraumatic clamps Cooley clamps DeBakey clamps bulldog clamps


Leyla retractor spine retractors Caspar retractor


headrest system spinal fixation system lumbar fixation system cervical fixation system craniomaxillofacial plating system cranio plating system fusion system

punches, cages

laminectomy punches detachable punches Kerrison punch cages


locking plates cervical plates mesh plates

screws, nails

locking screws cannulated screws intramedullary nails dynamic hip screw


sterilisation container bone rongeurs laminectomy rongeur spine distractor detachable rongeurs rip spreaders retractors

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Phone +49 7424 6734

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